Product introduction

The main products are widely used in network and communication infrastructure, smart phones, high-end servers, computers and storage, tablet computers, high-end consumer electronics, artificial intelligence hardware, industrial control, medical, automotive electronics, new energy, aerospace and national defense and other fields. The products have the acteristics of one-stop and multi varieties, covering the types of precision single / double-sided board, high-precision multilayer board, high-density interconnection circuit board (HDI), flexible board (FPC), soft and hard combination board (RFPC), special base plate (high frequency board, thick copper board, copper base plate, aluminum base plate, etc.). With nearly 30 years of experience and technology accumulation, wuzhu group has established a leading technology advantage in the field of printed circuit board.

Key equipment

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R & D Center

The Wuzhu Group has always attached great importance to R & D investment. The group company invests about 100 million yuan in research and development each year, accounting for 4% of its operating income. It has set up a technology research and development center, including technology research and development departments such as R & D, engineering, technology, and sample.

Adhere to the principle of combining external introduction and independent research and development, maintain close ties with scientific research institutes, industry associations, and enterprises in the same industry. Through the introduction of external technical forces, improve the company's research and development innovation capabilities, promote product innovation and technological achievement transformation, improve product performance, Optimize product structure.

Continuously improve the ability of independent innovation and enhance the technical content of products. Listed as "Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program", owns Guangdong Engineering Technology Development Center, Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Multifunctional High-end Printed Circuit Board Engineering Technology Research Center, Shenzhen Municipal Research and Development The center (technical center category) has obtained 334 patents, including 82 invention patents, 250 utility model patents, 2 design patents, and 10 computer software copyrights.

Intelligent construction

Our company is committed to become the leader of Intelligent Manufacturing in China’s PCB industry, and to build a “smart factory “ERP、MES、RECIPE、TRACEABILITY、IQPS、OA and Intelligent?Aided System will be used in production system. Industry 4.0 system will also be used in this factory. Jiangxi Factory has set up Intelligent Logistics Center and intelligent office center, WIP status, equipment status, the cost of electricity and water, quality status, on-line out-put, chemical status, SPC All can be found on the office computer.

Intelligent Traceability System: Include material traceability, Process parameter traceability, production process traceability, quality data traceability and packing/shipping traceability.